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  • Connection through Vulnerability

    While on my typical morning walk, I usually see two birds together. It’s odd because they are very different species of birds. One is a goose and the other is a Muscovy duck. Muscovy ducks don’t normally fly like geese and are considered as unattractive with their red warty face. This made me more inquisitive to learn why these two distinctively different birds are always together… like best friends.

    So, I decided to have a closer look at the two to understand their relationship. The goose doesn’t fit in with the geese that normally hang around there. When the other geese come around which look similar, they’re always cordial towards the goose & the Muscovy but never truly engaged.

    If you’d zoom in at the goose (in the picture), you’ll see it stands on one leg. It often keeps its other leg tucked underneath it’s feathers as if there is an impairment.

    Sometimes your own tribe/species won’t accept you if you are not exactly like them or have an impairment of sorts. All it takes is to have one tiny, tiny thing missing or in disarray to be without connection. Just like in the human species, if one person has the slightest defect, the person is ostracized from partaking as a full pledged member.

    Both of the birds are vulnerable and very well can choose to suffer in isolation, silence & resentment. They allowed each other in & now they have connectivity. Making connections with the “odd “one in order to feel accepted isn’t a terrible thing. Sometimes it’s the better thing.

    I’m sure they are happy they have each other. Being of different species, (black, yellow, white or somewhere in between) doesn’t mean we focus solely on the differences. If we focus on the differences, then we’ll never connect to enrich our own personal self. When we focus on the common denominator, we notice that we are vulnerable beings seeking connection.

    It takes one person to open up their vulnerability then the other one does as well. Vulnerability is universal despite our differences. Connection is made through vulnerability. This could possibly happen for you as well. No one is you and that is your power. Use it to your advantage-connect!